Set Profiles



Using the toggle switch, select which social media you would like to share.


To link an account, simply click on the pencil icon next to your selected social media and type your username.


Add new social media accounts at any time with ease!



Access your uniquely generated QR code by clicking the QR icon at the bottom left of the screen.


Share your profile with others by letting others scan your QR code or by using the share button to send a link.


Additionally, an in-app scanner is available to add other's profiles.

Share and Add Profiles


Connections List



View your connections list by clicking on the friends icon at the bottom right-hand side of the app.


Click on a connection to see all of their available social media in one place.

On their profile, individually click on the platforms that you would like to add them on. 


Add and remove people from your connections list at any time.